Pavilion Sestig by Glenn Sestig


Morobé by Glenn Sestig


Project Campenules by Stefania Depoortere

Rénovation d’une maison années 30


Beautiful project with the silk look 2605 carpet from Van Besouw in beautiful Coastal apartment.


Studio Paradis has done a marvelous job with these beautiful natural linen draperies from LF Trading.

Residence RL

Beautiful project by Nathalie de Boel using modest natural products in combination with a Jacaranda wall to wall carpet. The Agra – with its subtle shine – really blends well in the over-whole fibe.

OgAntwerpen H

3801 is a true design classic. An invention by van Besouw from 1969, which is still topical today. The cotton carpet is of indestructible quality. The writing character is one of the most typical characteristics of this living and contemporary carpet. Typical van Besouw: the 3801 is a knitted carpet. This can be seen in the optics: a curly loop that falls frivolously to all sides. The rug is at its best in use.

Hasselt W

Strong design and reliable project quality from Van Besouw used in a home office.